International Sports Law

Our International Sports Law team offers a wide range of services, including contract negotiations, disciplinary proceedings, doping matters, athlete representation, and dispute resolution through international sports arbitration.

International Sports Arbitration: Our firm focuses on international sports arbitration as a crucial mechanism for resolving disputes in the sports industry. We consistently represent our clients in arbitration proceedings before various international sports arbitration bodies, such as the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and other specialized tribunals. Our experienced sports arbitration team possesses in-depth knowledge of the rules and procedures governing international sports disputes.

Expertise in Sports Law: In addition to our focus on international sports arbitration, our team provides comprehensive legal services in various aspects of sports law. We offer support to athletes, sports organizations, and governing bodies in contract negotiations, safeguarding their rights and obligations. Our team has experience in the intricacies of sports regulations, including disciplinary matters, doping cases, and compliance with sports governing bodies' rules and regulations.

Athlete Representation: Our attorneys provide personalized support to individual athletes, guiding them throughout their careers and safeguarding their legal interests. We offer strategic advice on sponsorship agreements, endorsement contracts, and other legal matters concerning athletes' professional and personal lives.

If you require professional legal assistance or consultancy in the field of international sports law, particularly in international sports arbitration, please do not hesitate to contact us.